Tapas project

What is Tapas?

TAPAS is a four year study designed to investigate the current limits to fish farming, the social interactions, environmental impacts and future risks in an aim to create cost efficient management tools and practices for the aquaculture sector across Europe by supporting transparent and efficient licensing, enhancing environment sustainability and aquatic food security while tapping into the potential for food production and employment.


The TAPAS Consortium consists of 15 partners from nine EU member countries (Denmark, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Malta, Spain, The Netherlands, United Kingdom) and one associated country (Norway). A wide range of institutions take part in the project, including universities, fisheries research institutes, marine research institutes, non-profit organizations and others.


We hope to identify bottlenecks, obstacles and the cost drivers that have an effect on the progress and expansion of the industry in your country and in the EU in general. A final result of the project will be a creation of the “TAPAS toolbox” - a guideline for an effective licensing processes to be adopted within EU states.


SZIU represents a freshwater sector of the European aquaculture. It will take part in scientific research, collecting and dissemination of data and the final popularization of the project’s results.


More information can be found at the TAPAS webpage: