Dr. Tamás Szabó, PhD Staff

Dr. Tamás Szabó, PhD

Deputy Head of Department, Associate Professor
Head of Work Group for Education
Phone: +36 28 522 000 ext. 2312


Name: Tamás Szabó, Ph.D.


Personal data:

SBirth place and date: Gyöngyös, 09.06.1968
Occupation/position: agriculture/associate professor
Phone: +36 28 522 000 ext. 2311
Fax: +36 28 410 804








Berze Nagy János Secondary School, Gyöngyös


Gödöllő University of Agricultural Sciences, Major in Agriculture, Minor in Fisheries and Fish Farming, M.Sc. in Agriculture


Ph.D. School of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, PhD in Agriculture



Organization activity, memberships:



Department of Agriculture of the Hungarian Academy of Scienes, member of the public body



Awards, recognitions and scholarships:



Bolyai János research scholarship of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences



Knowledge of languages:


English    intermediate level



Activities at the Department:


Research activities
My area of research is primarily the induced breeding of fish by hormonal intervention and the related investigations in fish reproductive biology.

Teaching activities
I am responsible for supervision of the tasks related to education at the department. I am also responsible for teaching courses in different B.Sc. programs. I organize internships for students at fish farms.




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