Dr. Magdolna Mülllerné Trenovszki, PhD Staff

Dr. Magdolna Mülllerné Trenovszki, PhD

research associate
Phone: +36 28 522 000 ext. 2317


Personal data:

Birth place and date: 29/12/1981, Hungary

Occupation/position: research associate

Telefon: +36-28-522-000 ext. 2317

Fax: +36-28-410-804








Török Ignác High School – English Bilingual class, Gödöllő


„TM” (TM=Movement for Talents) correspondence student from biology, chemistry (SZIE)


M.Sc. in agricultural engineering, Szent István University (SZIE), Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Major in Fishery and Game Management


Szent István University Faculty of Economy – English Translator major (post-grad. level qualification)


Student of Doctorate School



Organization activity, memberships:



AquaT-NET, Aquaculture, Fisheries & Aquatic Resources Management TN (14225-LLP-1-2008-1-BE-ERASMUS-ENW) EU project. Participant of WP3 (Student Mobility), and WP13 (Student Association).


AquaT-NET, Aquaculture, Fisheries & Aquatic Resources Management TN. Participant of WP3 (Student Mobility), and WP13 (Student Association).


European Aquaculture Society (EAS)  ’Young Person’ membership


WAS Student Activities Committee Members (SAC-WAS), representative of European students


President-Elect of ‘European Aquaculture Society’ (EAS)  Student Group 


President of EAS-SG


EAS Board Member


Awards, recognitions and scholarships:


2003-2004. Socrates Scholarship: Wageningen University Department of Animal Sciences, the Aquaculture and Fisheries Group (FCF), Netherlands, Thesis title: The influence of social interaction in individual growth performance, feed efficiency and feeding motivation of African catfish (Clarias gariepinus)

March 2002               CEEPUS Scholarship, Wroclaw Agricultural University, Poland  


Three trainings organized by Szinergia Kft. and Center of Excellence in Environmental Industry, (Szent István University):

“Project management” 16-20. October 2006

“Improvement of leadership skills, leader-coaching” 27. Nov. – 01. Dec. 2006

“Hungarian and EU Project systems, tender/project writing” 8-11 October 2007

15/05-08/09 2006       WELFOOD training e-course, 3 subjects: “Animal welfare”,

“Environmental impact on animals”, “Food quality and safety” (Leonardo da Vinci Programme)

27/02-05/03 2006       Aqualab Training Course 6, title of course: Design and Operation of Recirculation Technologies. Wageningen University

02/11-04/11 2006       Aqualab 7: Student Workshop, Marine Institute Headquarters, County Galway, Ireland


Knowledge of languages:


English       state exam, advance level, type C, special translator in agriculture

German      state exam, basic level, type C, general


Activities at the Department


Research activities

My area of research is the field of dietary manipulation of common carp. The title of my PhD thesis is: Influence of supplement feeding of common carp with omega-3 containing vegetables and its effect on fatty acid composition. Replacement of wheat and corn with different vegetable oils in diets of common carp, and its inluence of nutrition on fatty acid and chemical composition of fish fillets.


Other activities

-Member of the Management and Administration group of the Department

-secretary of Platform for Fish Farming Technology Development in Hungary

-project writing, translation

-departmental library





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