Dr. László Horváth, DSc Staff

Dr. László Horváth, DSc

Professor, Professor Emeritus
phone: +36 28 522 000/2323


Personal data:


Occupation/position: hydrobiologist/professor

Phone: +36-28-522-000/1649

Fax: +36-28-410-804


Birth place and date: Debrecen, 26.10.1940






Doctor of Agricultural Science, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS)


Science of Agriculture, Ph.D. Hungarian Academy of Sciences


D.Sc. of Biology KLTE


Kossuth Lajos University, Debrecen, biology teacher in high school


Organization activity, memberships

  • Internat. Union of Biol. Sci.(IUBS) Reproduction Biol. and Aquaculture, member

  • HAS Commission of Genetic Section, member.

  • HAS Commission of Biotechnology Section, member (2 cycles)

  • HAS Commission of Animal Breeding and Nutrition Section, member (2 cycles)


Knowledge of languages:


English              intermediate level


Activities at the Department


Hydrobiology-limnology, (physical and chemical properties of the water, biotopes and communities of aquatic organisms, nutrient supply of shallow lakes, aquatic species, ecological needs of the most important aquatic taxa) Fish farming (characteristics, fish species and farming technologies of constructed ponds as well as the biology of farmed fish species). 


Induced spawning of fish, fry rearing, pond farming technology. Induced spawning includes the development of the hatchery spawning technology of several farmed species. Fry rearing includes the regulation of zooplankton in ponds, optimization of starter food organisms of fish fry (rotifers, copepod nauplii), selection and management of rotifers (Brachionus sp. Keratella sp.), productivity of cladocerans during the summer. Pond farming technology includes the development of pond farming (polyculture) technology, chemical and biological inhibition of the bloom of cyanobacteria, adaptation of pond farming technology to the changing economic situation.


Total scientific publications: 390
Number of referated publications: 78
Number of individual citations: 890 (till 2003)
Cumulative impact factor: 33,396 (2002 data)
Number of presentations at international conferences: 150
Number of monographies: 11

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