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Current & Recent Projects

TÉT_10-1-2011-0727: Improvement of storage possibilities of sturgeon sperm for fish farming (2012.01.01-2013.12.31)


KMOP 1.1.1-08/1-2008-0049: Development and research of a wasteless sewage cleaner technology (ORGANICA-FCR) using artificial ecosystem (2012.03.01-2012.03.30) in cooperation with Dr. Balázs Kriszt


GOP 1.1.1-09/1-2010-0096: Disposal of waste material from fruit processing by development of a new system (2012.01.25-2013.05.31)


GOP 1.1.1-09/1-2010-0226: Development of a complex technology for defining the sexual dimorphism of sturgeon species by biotechnological methods (2011.01.10-2013.05.31)


GOP-1.1.1-09/1-2010-0141: Development of a fish producing system prototype based on molecular biological tests (2011.01.10-2013.02.28)


Fate and effects of cytostatic pharmaceuticals in the environment and identification of biomarkers for an improved risk assessment on environmental exposure (2011-2014)


Development of EM technology application in water systems (2010-2012)


Development of an innovative, disease prediction analytical software in fish model system (2010-2012)


New methods for the development of a risk assessment/management system for endocrine disruptor chemicals (2010-2012)


Interdisciplinary application of artificial intelligence in the correlation of animal biotechnology and informatics (2010-2011)


Market-orientated research and development actvities at the Közép Magyarországi Pincegazdaság Zrt. (2010-2011)


Development of the home made fruit juice technology application (2010-2011)


Reformation of carp feeding technology by innovative methods in the Dél-Dunanántúl region (2010-2011)


The artifical propagation of European eel by biotechnological methods


Test of the effects of Organica technologies on fish model system (2010)


Complex development of production technology for fish species (Barramundi, Red Drum) with export potential (2009-2013)


Isolation of microsatellite markers for the species of aquaculture of major importance (2009-2012)


Market-orientated Research and Development activity at the Alpha-Vet Kft. (2009-2012)


Establishment of multicolor zebra fish system for toxicological tests (2009-2011)


European Mudminnow Conservation Program (2009-2010)


Norwegian OTKA: Establishment of multicolor transgenic zebra fish strains for environmental toxicology and pharmacology tests (NNF 78834)


Hungarian Scientific Research Fund OTKA PD 73466 „Induced spawning of the eel” (2008.10.01.-2011.03.31.)


Slovenian-Hungarian S&T cooperation – Cryopreservation of grayling (Thymallus thymallus)


Spanish-Hungarian S&T cooperation - Farm level cryopreservation and cytological investment of freshwater fish species spem (2007.01.01.-2008.12.31.)



Polish-Hungarian S&T cooperation – Presence of serine protease inhibitors in sperm of Percidae species (2008.12.31.-2009.12.31.)


Platform for Fish Farming Technology Development in Hungary


 Production of a fish feed with carotinoid content from byproducts of dairy industry (2007.06.01.-2007.10.01.)


Establishment and practical development of a new type fish rearing system (2006-2009)


Regional University Center of Excellence in Environmental Industry Based on Natural Resources at the Szent István University (2005-2009)


Strategy for the increase of indigenous predator fish stocks with simultaneous reduction of trash fish stocks alien to the Hungarian fauna (NKFP 4/006/04), Baross Gábor Program (2004-2007)


Quality development of the biological and technological bases of the Hungarian Fishing Sector (2001-2004)